Health care

Health care
We can not avoid in our lives difficult situations, but we can find a way to overcome them. Every day - again - is our own choice.

Health classes at our school are designed for people of any age, gender and fitness level.

Main objectives of these classes are:

 1. Prevention. People in good health can practice and maintain their health in great shape for a long time.

 2. Healing. People suffering from different diseases, may pick up a few therapeutic complexes and begin to practice them every day, which will greatly enhance the body's resistance and bring it to a speedy recovery.

 3. Restorative. Rehabilitation and strengthening of health after suffering an illness or surgery.

 In general, these objectives are achieved by controlling the thoughts, breathing control, setting and harmonization of the physical form of energy flows.

 Method of Taijiquan in this group includes basic operation (pillar standing, complex joint exercises, stretching, exercises for the emancipation and development of the coordination and balance); Qigong (recognition at the sensory level, accumulation and use of internal energy) and Meditation.

In every movement of health practices are involved all three pillars of our personality - physical, energetic and spiritual - which increases their efficiency compared with conventional exercise dozens of times. Performing exercises of health Taijiquan, we do not use energy, but rather store it for our physical, intellectual and spiritual activities by daily practice. And since the amount of energy depends on the duration of our lives, practicing Tai Chi and, in particular, Qigong we prolong our lives.

People practicing Tai Chi have always demonstrated excellent health at any age. Tai Chi stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms (immunity) and also counteracts the immunosuppressive factors - stress (de-stressing) and environmental pollution (increasing the process of removing toxins from the body). All this allows to speak about the practice of Tai Chi as a life-prolonging and supporting active life even in old age.To prevent the disease is always easier than to cure it. Regular practice of Tai Chi is an excellent way to prevent diseases.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle Tai Chi helps to maintain flexibility and mobility of the body. Providing reasonable uniform load on the entire body, Taijiquan support joint mobility and elasticity of ligaments and good muscle tone. Movements do not include heavy and complex exercise that makes Tai Chi available to all regardless of age and health.

In addition, regular practice contributes to progress in the creative and professional growth. Success of human creativity and professional plan depends largely on the commitment and energy of the person. It is impossible to talk about success, if a person is ill, is in a depleted state or depression. Taiji not only maintains the health, but also stimulates extensive areas of the cerebral cortex and central nervous system in general. This has a positive effect on intellectual abilities of a practicing person.