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WDP School (Wudang Principles) - is a project founded by the Taoist martial artist Ismet Himmetom and is a perfect blend of effective teaching methods, and true craftsmanship. Then we allow ourselves to speak the words wizard Ismet Himmeta:. "The forms and exercises like poems They convey something that lies outside the movements and words When you can see the world through the heart and the eyes of a poet, you will be able to write his poem In the same way, being able to comprehend.. the heart of the movement (shape, equipment), you can create your own motion (art form), without losing the essence. Wudang Principles (WDP) reveal precisely this deep essence, underlying cause of all the movements and shapes.

Once you understand this point - you are free!

WDP - is the art of being free! Do not be a slave to one particular style, technique or movement, and to know the heart and essence. Do not ship the students empty forms, and teach the principles underlying the whole system!

10.000 different techniques can never be mastered to perfection, but through a deeper understanding of just one equipment all these 10,000 will become natural for you. WDP does not seek to show you techniques 10.000. The objective of the WDP - give you a clue as to what you can find these techniques of 10,000 inside.

Heart WDP - 10 basic principles of public masters from the mountains of Wudang many centuries ago, and passed down from generation to generation. We want to revive these principles and make them available not only for the Chinese people, but also for all sincerely interested people. 10 Taking these principles as a basis, you will be able to discover all the strength, diversity and depth of this outstanding system. These 10 principles are learned only through regular long-term practice and gradually reveals the disciples, as they progress. Code, you will understand and get a feeling for these amazing principles, you can use them not only in exercises and battles, but also in everyday life, in all its action. "