Chinese massage

Chinese massage

Chinese massage: whether it is worth your attention?

Health - a priceless gift that nature has given us. However, in the pursuit of material things we sometimes waste it in vain. But even if a serious illness overtook you, do not be discouraged: the art of Chinese massage can help restore your body. After all, says an ancient Chinese proverb: "The trick in life is to die young, but as late as possible." And the ancient massage techniques of Chinese healers - a true elixir of vitality and longevity, allowing much to rejuvenate our physical shell.

Our school includes the following massage types:

Massage An mo;
Gouache Massage;
Gouache person;
Foot massage.
Each of them has its indications and contraindications. Chinese massage is able to heal people from most of the problems with the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary and other systems of the body, is useful in chronic fatigue and depression. But do not resort to it in the case of severe exacerbations of chronic diseases, pregnancy, cancer, mental disorders.

Sometimes it is difficult to change has become a familiar way of life. But in the words of the great sage Lao Tzu, 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. " Make it and visit our school, where we always give you a great feeling and a good mood.

Chinese massage An mo - efficient recovery of the energy balance of the body

More than two millennia ago, the Chinese master of health practices have discovered that our body - it is not just a harmonious combination of anatomical organs, but also the seat of vital energy qi. In the body it occurs in certain ways - the energy meridians that are directly related to the activities of its major systems: the intestines, lungs, heart, brain and so on..

However, stress, malnutrition, poor environmental conditions lead to a violation of the energy balance, and therefore to the aggravation of various diseases. The most effective way to cope with poor health - a traditional Chinese massage An mo. It quickly restores the body's energy balance by acting on biologically active points on the head, back and stomach.

Specialist using this massage technique will help you:

Forget about the pain, localized in the spine and joints;
Eliminate the tension in the muscles and tendons;
Normalize blood and lymph circulation;
Get rid of the toxins that destroy your health;
Enhance immunity;
Remove the stress and pain of internal organs.
Gouache - a unique healing massage technique

Beautiful mysterious name of the variety of massages can be translated from Chinese as "a bad scrape." Accordingly, if you are thinking about cleansing your body and gouache - is that really returns you a feeling of fullness of life.
Masters owning this technique, use special plates, through which the impact on our well-defined areas of the body are reflexogenic zones. Their irritation improves metabolism, triggering powerful regenerative processes in the body and contributing to the removal of harmful substances and toxins - the source of many diseases. Scrapers may have a different shape, and is used for the manufacture of stone, wood or buffalo horn.

Massage gouache - one of the most simple and effective techniques, which is characterized by three basic methods of exposure:

Se-gua - characterized by rapid movement of the scraper in the skin, they are performed with a palpable pressure;
Boo-gua - scraper moves slowly with gentle pressure;
Pin-Bu Ping-lo - scraper moves slowly, but the force of the impact in this case is significant.
It is valuable that Gouache permissible use in acute course of diseases such as low back pain, acute respiratory disease, cholecystitis, acne, as well as violations of the cardiovascular, nervous and urogenital systems. During the session, there is redness of the skin, often accompanied by a burning sensation. Then, in the field of localization of the pathological process becomes a hemorrhage, sometimes almost black. This is due to the withdrawal of toxins under the skin. After a couple of days of such spots - "sha" - disappear and people feel significant relief.

Facial massage gouache - Oriental beauty secrets

Wrong lifestyle and constant stress, combined with a record fast pace of modern life greatly accelerate the aging process. And most of all suffers from this person: with each passing year more and more necessary to conduct a stubborn fight against wrinkles, stretch marks, acne. And an indispensable tool in this battle will be a face massage gouache, which has an amazing rejuvenating effect.
 During a session of massage Gouache specialist with the help of special scrapers made of jade or buffalo horn, directly affects the acupressure points that are concentrated along these energy channels. This improves not only the work of all internal organs and blood circulation of the skin, as well as the removal of residues and toxins. To the cells of the skin receives more oxygen and nutrients, which stimulates the production of natural collagen. Just a few sessions Gouache face - and your reflection in the mirror transformed: reduced wrinkles, "bags" and "bruising" under the eyes, puffiness disappear and muscular jaws.
Facial massage Gouache shows absolutely everything, because the depth of the impact on the skin of his technique is different enough softness and procedures do not deliver discomfort, even for people with extremely sensitive skin. In addition to cosmetic effect, gouache person helps:

Get rid of migraines and headaches;
Normalize blood pressure;
Improve brain circulation.
Foot massage - curative medicine for the whole body

Our body is a complex combination of organs and systems are closely interrelated. But we do not always treat them with care over a lifetime, so over the years, this natural "mechanism" is in serious imbalance and begins to falter. Chinese healers have learned to deal with it with the help of a simple, but very effective foot massage techniques. According to them, all the energy meridians of the body, which flows vital energy of qi, are aimed precisely at the feet. Therefore, by the massage effect on the specific biologically active points located in the body, can be greatly improved their quality of life.
The foot massage is used all the important techniques: stroking, pressing, kneading, rubbing and vibration. This specialist by acting on various acupressure points can achieve harmonizing, stimulating or calming effect. This makes it possible to establish full-fledged work of certain systems of the body.

Chinese foot massage is especially recommended when:

Decreased immunity;
Hormonal disorders;
Gynecological diseases;
Diseases of the urogenital and endocrine systems;
Dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract;
Decreased immunity;
Diabetes mellitus.