School WDP Ukraine

In the study of martial arts should appreciate three things: the breadth of knowledge, depth of penetration, the integrity of comprehension.

We, for the first time in Ukraine and CIS, we present to your attention a martial arts school WUDANG PRINCIPLES (WDP), the branches of which spread around the world.

We specialize in authentic traditional Taoist combat system, which includes areas such as:

Tai Chi;
Tai and / Liang Quan;
Qigong (Dao Yin Yang Sheng) and

Our school has a direct descent from the Daoist monasteries located in the Wudang Mountains (Wǔdāng Shān, whale. 武当山) in China, the birthplace of Taoist philosophy and internal martial arts Udanskogo direction (Udanpay).

The principles of combat and health practices Wudang Mountains - a look into the essence of the martial arts and, ultimately, into the nature of man and the universe.
We invite you on a fascinating journey into the world of martial arts in the world of internal changes, together with the school Wudang Principles!